You have stifled and frustrated many homes.

You have created aches and pains in many lives.
You have stagnated many families.
You have broken many hearts.

You have disorientated many children and devastated my families.

You have left many dreams shattered and broken may promises.
Yet others have found purpose in you.
Yet other lives have been liberated in you.
Yet other hearts have been filled by the out pouring of your love.
Yet others have found comfort in your gentle arms.

Yet others have found encouragement in your gentle whispers.

Yet others have found hope to shattered dreams in your radiant present


You deprive many children of the stability needed to flourish and unleash their potential to humanity.

You create an environment where children are too dysfunctional to release their potential; there becoming a menace to society.

Yet other children have found the nurture and stability to flourish through the grace found in you

Yet you have mended many broken hearts simply by the purity of your love

Yet with the warmth of your embrace, you have spoken hope clearly into the hearts of many.


We pray for the marriages currently experiencing aches, pains and shatter dreams as a result of the vacuum created by “Fallen Heroes” that God will comfort and heal broken hearts. That He will give beauty for ashes and oil of joy for mourning. That He will give the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness and restore every shattered dream created by Fallen Heroes

As always, marriage is a journey and not a destination. The bible is the blue print while the Holy Spirit is your guide.

Love Always


My father, My Hero

—–In Memory of Boladale Qudus Erogbogbo——

1946 – 2015

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