About Us


At the core of a thriving society lies its pillar, a successful family. At the core of a successful family lies two great individuals (male and female) submitted to God’s authority. This pillar is currently under attack. However, we shall win.

We believe no marriage is hopeless, and more marriages can be saved if both spouses put in the effort, seek appropriate counsel and diligently apply the fundamental biblical principles of marriage:

  • Bridging the gap in marriages
  • Restoring hope into marriages
  • Strengthening the pillar of society


Having spent time in relationships that left me void and empty, the desire to allow God lead me in my relationship was kindled. Your Marriage Journey was born out of a burning desire to see, understand and experience what a Godly marriage is all about. This journey has helped me develop four fundamental convictions:

  • Marriage is not the end goal but a tool to expand God’s plan on earth
  • Society flourishes to the extent to which the family and marriages prosper.
  • No marriage is hopeless. Every marriage has a 100% success potential
  • Marriage is a Journey and not a destination

I believe that society flourishes to the extent to which the family and marriages prosper. I got married in 2011 and my desire has been to:

  • Help singles who desire marriage make the transition into a relationship that culminates in a fruitful marriage union.
  • Provide newlyweds, engaged couples and couples who are in courtship biblical resources in practical ways.

This journey has taking me through different stages from being single, to being married to Lola, to being a father of two boys. I look towards the future with excitement, hope and confidence in the restoration of the marriage institution.

Uthman Toyosi Erogbogbo