How To Build Your Home

How To Build Your Home
June 4, 2019
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Passage: Hebrews 3:3-4

 At the core of a thriving society lies a successful family. At the core of a successful family lies two great individuals (male and female). The quality of your life as a single person will determine the type of marriage you have and the family you create; this will ultimately affect society.

Harvard sociologist Carl Zimmerman in his book, Family and Civilization, studied the fall of every major empire. He found a correlation between the rise of an empire and strength of the family unit and marriage institution. He discovered that at the very heart of a sustainable and flourishing empire is respect and honor for marriage by its citizens. Conversely, he traced the fall of every empire to the disintegration of marriage institution.

Carl Zimmerman was able to capture the state of the marriage institution at the brink of the fall of major empires and concluded that:

  • Marriage had no meaning. The traditional family unit (male, female and offspring) lost its respect and honor. Increase in divorce rate lead to the push for alternate forms of marriage, changing the role of traditional marriage. In other words, marriage lost its significance.
  • Incestuous and homosexual relationships were on the rise, thereby destabilizing society.
  • Public disrespect of authority, rule of law and parents by children as they became more defiant and unruly making parenting more difficult.
  • Celebration of adultery, immorality and sexual perversion. The marriage vow held with very little esteem and is seen as a contract which can be broken or dissolved rather than a covenant.

Are there any similarities between Zimmerman’s hypothesis and today’s society? What is the current state of the family and the marriage institution? Is society, media or government legislation affecting your knowledge and understanding of what God says about marriage and the family? Scripture says, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free; do you know the truth about marriage? Do you know its purpose and origin?

How to build

  • Invest in yourself
  • Invest in God
  • Invest in mentors
  • Mentor people as well


Love Always Toyosi

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  1. Thanks Toyosi, a house that is built on the foundation of the most high God, will surely stand for ever IJN. Amen

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