EARLY YEARS OF MARRIAGE – “Gbemiga Adejumo” S1 EP2

EARLY YEARS OF MARRIAGE – “Gbemiga Adejumo” S1 EP2
June 1, 2020

In this episode of Early Years Of Marriage, I sit down with Gbemiga Adejumo and we have a candid conversation on marriage, family and building the dream marriage.

Gbemiga is a Pastor and gospel music minister, based in Lagos, Nigeria. He travels extensively as a music minister. He is passionate about worshiping God through music, marriage and relationships.

Married to:- Mrs. Tolulope Adejumo
Length of Dating:- 2 years
Length of Marriage: 3 years
Describes Marriage as:- Solutions
Occupation:- Pastor, Music Minister, IT Business Developer and Entrepreneur
Interest: Music || Relationships and Marriage || People

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  1. Enjoyed listening to this! Especially the point about character development. Plus,I was able to relate to his wife on washing dishes immediately you’re done 😂 Like, why give yourself extra work to be washing 10 plates later cuz of laziness?! Anyway, looking forward to the others!

  2. You made my night …..Thank you sirs …..I am grateful
    I will call this blessing blessing blessing!!!!!
    Thank you .

    1. We are sure glad that this made your night.
      Thank you Olayinka. Episode 3 will be out next week.

  3. This was awesome! I enjoyed every bit of it and learned a lot too. Wisdom was just all over the talk. God bless you for this.
    Of course, Friendship, Friendship, Friendship.

  4. “If your Christianity is not working at home…”
    This one should be tweeted!
    I also believe that the person that you decide to embark on the Ministry of Marriage with has a huge influence on how you will turn out when it is time to lay this body to rest.
    Your time and effort is much appreciated ❤️
    God bless you!

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