Early Years of Marriage – “Bolatito (Tito) Bez-Idakula” S1 EP3

Early Years of Marriage – “Bolatito (Tito) Bez-Idakula” S1 EP3
June 8, 2020

In this episode I have a conversation with Bolatito Bez-Idakula known to friends as ‘Tito’ on marriage, family and restoration. We talk about emotional healing in marriage.

Bolatito Bez-Idakula known to friends as ‘Tito’ is the Founder of My Lighthouse Global Media. My Lighthouse was born as a purpose driven calling that employs her genuine passion for sharing God’s love with all people, particularly those who have been hurt.

Her current show ‘My Jesus Experience’ was launched on YouTube in 2019 with inspiring stories of people who have overcome various challenges in their lives.

She organizes support groups and awareness campaigns for families who have dealt with baby loss through her foundation ‘The Healing Cradle’. She is a strong advocate for families who have experienced baby loss, miscarriages, still birth and similar losses.

Bolatito’s book ‘Royalty’ is an honest and vulnerable account of her life and overcoming painful experiences, which brought her to understanding her value and worth as the daughter of God which is a truth she wants to share with others.

She is unashamedly in love with Jesus, happily married to her musician friend, Bez and is a Mother of two with one the way. She now lives her purpose as a “Light-Bearer” by helping others overcome difficult emotional issues.

Married to:- Mr. Bez Idakula
Length of Dating:- 2 years
Length of Marriage: 6 years
Describes Marriage as:- Partnership
Occupation:- Author of “Royalty” || Speaker || CEO of Mylighthouseng and The Healing Cradle
Interest: Mentoring ||Public Speaking || People || Travel || Music

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  1. I loved this 🙌🏾. She was so real & vulnerable. She’s not perfect but provided practical advice to resolving situations.
    I loved the statement “don’t be scared of conflict”. Conflict of handled properly brings you 2 together. I was scared of conflict in the past, just as she was. But I’m learning to embrace it because I’ve realized how it’s strengthening my relationship.

    Thank you so much bro for setting this up. Really learning a lot😊

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